Thermocole /EPS is available in the form of “ND” & “TF” quality. Application : G and K Insulation also provide Thermocole Insulation for Cold Insulation. Effective and efficient insulation for low temperature appliances i.e. cold storage, Industrial Refrigeration, Refrgerated vans, sound Insulation, Commercial & Household air Conditioning.
Technical Data :
Density Range 15-30 Kg/m
Thermal conductivity at 10 mean temperature 0.028-0.031 Kcalm/hr. m c
Compressive Strength 0.8-1.6 Kg/cm
Cross breaking Strength 1.4-2.0 Kg/cm
Tensile Strength 3-6 kg/cm
Application Range -200 +80 C
Water absorption by % Volume for 7 days in water 0.5%
Self ignition point� 300 C
Melting Range 100 - 200 C