Loose Mineral Wool is a high temperature insulating fibers processed from natural Rocks of selected quality. The Loose Mineral Wool having exceptionally long fibers and superior technical properties essential to meet severe service condition. Loose Mineral Wool can be used for insulating equipments, tanks, pipelines, ovens, furnaces, and buildings. The properties of Loose Mineral Wool includes incombustibility , water repellent, odorless, non-corrosive , non-settling, fire resistant, heat resistant and sound absorption. The Loose Mineral Wool is felted uniformly in required thickness and density, laminated with both side G.I. wire nettings which are used for insulating industrial environment, large vessels, hot and cold air ducts, heat exchangers etc.
Technical Data :

 Product Specification



 Size of Loose Wool Mattresses

  1640mm x 1220mm



  25mm to 100mm


 Metal Facing

  G.I. Hexagonal wire netting of size 3/4”×24G. Other sizes on request


 Standard Packing

  Loose Mineral Wool packed in HDPE bags of 40 kg. each and Mattress in   HDPE Covers.



  -50 to + 750 DEGREE CENTI GRADE


  Loose Mineral Wool has extremely low K values for wide range of temperature. Typical thermal conductivity values for various densities and mean temperature are shown in the     graph.


  Loose Mineral Wool offer high resistance to compression. It has good resilience and regain their nominal thickness after removal of normal compressive load.


   Loose Mineral Wool are good resistant to vapor, most common salts and chemicals. It is moisture resistant and do not absorb

   moisture from atmosphere.