G and K Insulation has been involved in the manufacturing/Supply of Rigid PU core Insulated panels for the Cold Chain Industry since 2004. The proof of the flexibility of OPI Sandwich Panels lies in the numerous installations all over India accomplished in a variety of applications ranging from Modular Cold Rooms, Communication Shelters, Refrigerated warehouses as well as insulated truck bodies and Clean Rooms. Vapour proof barrier or Aluminum Chequered Plate with Marine Ply.
Technical Data :


OPI Sandwich Panels are manufactured in standard width by using cladding
according to the Clients' needs such as:

A)Pre-coated galvanized steel
b)Stainless Steel
c)Embossed Aluminum sheets

The cladding is precisely formed in "U" at the edges to guarantee superior adhesion between the sheet and the Polyurethane foam. The shallow ribs provide an extra strength together with dimensional stability.

OPI Sandwich Panels are available in the following standard thicknesses 50, 60, 80, 100 and
 120 mm. Panels with thicknesses of over 120mm are also manufactured as per customer
 need and application. Standard width of Panels is app. 1170 mm, with a maximum length
 of app. 6000mm.

 Choice of OPI PU insulated doors is available in a variety of thicknesses and applications.
 Hinged as well as sliding doors are equipped with standard high quality fittings
 and accessories, such as safety release handles, gaskets, railings etc.

The tongue-n-groove joints extending along the entire length of the Sandwich Panel ensure
 the jointing. Locking system by means of Cam-locks, which are pre-fitted prior to the
 foaming, ensures a total weather-proof assembly, thereby increasing the strength and
 the stability of the final structure.

 GK insulation recommends either PU Boards covered with a Polyethylene sheet as a vapor 
 proof barrier or Aluminum Chequered Plate with Marine