The requirement of cold insulation is in cold room, chilling plant, cold storege godowns. It is required to conserve the temperature, and maintain a temperature condition.The process of applying cold insulation and supply to pipe lines, exchanger, tanks, vessels realtors, a.c ducts/under deck insulation with "EPS" thermole "PUF" rigid polyure than foam. Insitu "PUF" application witg spray injection equipment. "PHENOTHERM" phenolicfoam. The procedure of laying the cold insulation is as follows first clean the place where insulation is to be done, before installing C.I. Then paint a layer of black japan then put a layer cold or hot bitumen over thermocole. After drying stic on the place after sticking there are gaps on the side, seal it with hot bitumen second process is chicken or wire mesh fixing in with wire netting then plaster it with cement. The use of aluminium sheet or ss sheet for Cladding , Skilled and trained labours are deployed for these jobs engineers are there to guide the labour and instruct them as per specifications taking care of proper temperature, high protection to stop leakage of the cold temperature. The job is done under the supervision of well qualified engineers to see it is completely sealed. So that temperature ismaintened as per requirement. Cold insulation is catered to the diverse needs of various industries. The service provides is streamlinrd for under taking complete work with efficient professionals for cold insulation.