Boiler or any equipment for hot insulation, first clean the place for using hot insulation. Then apply light, resin bond pipe section/lrb mattresses of single layer, fixing of rockwool or glass wool tying with wire netting and band. Then apply two coats of bituminous moisture barrier and glass coat the temperature should be up to 125C. tied up with SS Band. Then wrap it up with markin cloth use shalicoat or moisture barrier 18.5 WG-24.5 WG. SS sheet, fabrication and fixing of plain aluminium sheet over insulation, securing with bands and SS sheets. Then use trafelt for joint seating you should also use putty in patchareas. They are used in pipes, esp, boilers exchangers, cloumns,reactors, vessels and tanks.
Application of hot insulation: We offer hot insulation services for power plants. Hot insulation is required for chimneys, oil tanks, turbines, exhaust, steam piping and boiler drums. They are also required for various industries. As follows: 1) Fertilizers, Refineriees and Petrochemicals, Refineries Gas Crackers, Heaters Ducts, Boilers, Steam Piping and Process Piping. 2) Sugar Industries, Boilers Steam Piping, Exhaust Lines, High Pressure Lines . 3) Cement Industries, Pre-Heater Cycloners, Pre Calcinators, Air Ducts, Fuel Gas Ducts. 4) Chemical industries, Pipe Lines, Vessels and Reactors, 5) Paper and Pulp Indusies, Boiler, Dryer, Hot Water Tanks, Dygesters and Steam Piping.